Putin’s ‘Five Year Plan’ and Other Sinister Echoes of the Soviets

MOSCOW—Russian President Vladimir Putin has come up with an ambitious plan for his fourth presidential term: the Executive Order on National Goals and Strategic Objectives. Announced on the day of his inauguration earlier this month, it listed a number of big goals, including raising life expectancy from the current 72 to 78 years and turning Russia into one of the five largest economies of the world by 2024.

What the order did not mention was anything about giving Russians more political freedom, whether to demonstrate in the streets or simply to speak their minds without looking over their shoulders—the issues widely discussed by young people on social media but clearly missing among the Kremlin’s priorities.

Some Russian bloggers and independent analysts dubbed the order “The May Theses,” sending readers back to Vladimir Lenin’s famous April Theses in 1917, sketching plans for Bolshevik control of the state.

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