Daisy Ridley got super emotional by Barbara Streisand’s female influence

OHMYGOSSIP — Daisy Ridley got “super emotional” after meeting Barbara Streisand.
The 25-year-old actress featured on the iconic singer’s 2016 album ‘Encore’ and when she went to her house, Daisy admitted she felt “emotional” but not because of Barbara’s status as a musical legend, but because of her reputation as a woman.
In an interview with the December issue of Britain’s ELLE magazine, she said: “I went to her house and we talked about [psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl] Jung because my dad loves Jung, and we were talking about dreams, and I left and got super emotional, not because she’s famous, but because she’s amazing.
“Part of her reputation comes from being a woman. If it was a man being ‘controlling’ about his career, people would just say he knows what he wants.”
Although best known for her acting, Daisy joined musical legend Barbara and ‘Les Miserables’ star Anne Hathaway on the record for a rendition of ‘At The Ballet’ – a song from ‘A Chorus Line’.
The actress also revealed she was “going nuts” inside her flat after pain in her abdomen caused by endometriosis – a condition where the tissue lining the uterus grows outside of the organ – came back after being diagnosed with it when she was just 15.
She said: “I was in my flat going nuts, and then my skin got really bad in the stress of it all, and I hadn’t been well – I had holes in my gut wall and stuffy – and we were trying to figure out what to do with that because I’d felt poorly.”
Daisy shot to fame as Rey in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ alongside Harrison Ford and the late Carrie Fisher who both reprised their roles as Han Solo and General Leia Organa, and Daisy admitted she saw some similarities between Harrison and her own father Chris Ridley.
She said: “They both have an earring and are f**king awesome.”

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