Taylor Swift sent problems by DJ

OHMYGOSSIP — an old radio DJ who groped Taylor Swift has actually delivered the woman $ 1 problems.
David Mueller previously sued the ‘Look What You Made me personally Do’ hitmaker for claiming she had falsely accused him of coming in contact with this lady during a meet-and-greet, but she countersued and a national jury based in the 27-year-old pop music star’s favour in August, and disgraced presenter ended up being bought this lady to pay for the symbolic amount.
And just everyday after a job interview with Taylor was posted by which she claimed she hadn’t obtained the money, Mueller has now offered a letter into the related Press to show he mailed the payment on November 28.
He previously stated however sent a Sacagawea coin as it features a prominent Native American Woman in a jab in the ‘Blank Space’ singer, which formerly hailed her court triumph a win for several women.
He said: “i am talking about, If this is exactly about women’s rights…It’s only a little poke at all of them, a bit.
“i am talking about, I think they made this into a publicity stunt, which is my life.”
In Taylor’s meeting over time magazine, as part of their particular Silence Breakers feature, the ‘Shake It Off’ singer stated the fact she hadn’t however received the dollar was a symbolic work of defiance.
“She stated: “if the jury found in my favour, the person just who sexually assaulted me ended up being court-ordered to give myself a symbolic $ 1. To this day he has maybe not paid myself that buck, and I also genuinely believe that act of defiance is symbolic in itself.”
And Taylor told the publication she had taken activity to quit Mueller doing anything to other, much more vulnerable, women.
She said: “I figured that if he’d be brazen adequate to assault myself under these dangerous circumstances, imagine just what he might do to a vulnerable, younger singer if because of the possibility.”

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