BREAKING: Trent Franks To Resign From House After Wondering Staffers To Act As Surrogate Mothers

BREAKING: Trent Franks To Resign From House After Asking Staffers To Serve As Surrogate Mothers

Trent Franks only granted a statement stating he will resign efficient January 31, 2018 after the House Ethics Committee announced they certainly were opening an investigation into intimate harassment and retaliation concerning female members of his staff.

“We have recently discovered that the Ethics Committee is reviewing an inquiry with regards to my conversation of surrogacy with two previous female subordinates, making each experience uncomfortable,” he typed. “we deeply regret that my discussion for this option and process at work caused stress.”

Just what a book idea! He required a surrogate mom so he requested staffers? Had been he serious about desiring all of them becoming surrogates? Possibly. In 2008, Franks along with his spouse used a surrogate to provide delivery to their twin boy and daughter. There is absolutely no indicator of the time framework that Franks spoke to his staff about serving as surrogates, so it is confusing whether or not it had been before or after 2008.

Franks is within a safe Republican area in Arizona. He’s a member of this alleged Freedom Caucus, though it can appear their concept of freedom doesn’t increase to women’s reproductive liberties.

Franks famously opined that “the occurrence of rape leading to maternity is quite reasonable.”

There might have already been a good reason why Franks’ god didn’t want him to reproduce. Possibly those staffers understood that.

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