Fox News Decides Today’s Newsflash Should Always Be ‘Drug Testing Welfare Recipients’

In response to Scott Walker’s drive to illegally drug test benefit recipients, Fox and Friends’ Pete Hegseth was adament which they is forced to send to be medication tested because he will pay their taxes.

But I thought we were the land associated with free?

Punching the poors has become the modus operandi of Fox News whenever the news headlines is harmful to the Republican Party. And given that the goverment tax bill is in trouble and a federal government shutdown is looming (and will arrive tomorrow without a deal) why would not Fox play that old violin the audience?

And appear whose here to make it “newsworthy”: Gov. Scott Walker is leading a charge to medicine test Wisconsin’s benefit recipients.

Wisconsin’s Republican governor features submitted a strategy to state lawmakers for medicine assessment able-bodied recipients of the condition’s meals Share system.

last year, Florida governor Rick Scott attempted to pull equivalent con, however the process of law refused it.

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