GOP Pundit Can’t Pick Between A Democrat And A Pedophile

Alfonso Aguilar was a guest on MSNBC’s Meet the Press on Monday and when the topic of Roy Moore and his proclivity to sexually assaulting teenage girls, he couldn’t actually condemn Moore. In fact, he wasn’t even able to decide which is worse – being a law abiding and moral Democrat or an (alleged) pedophile.

Here is the exchange:

Tur: First time I’ve heard a Republican say this on the record, only off the record. Roy Moore’s chances. If he wins is it better to — if Roy Moore runs, better to have him or Democrat and Jeff Flake says a Democrat. Do you agree?

Aguilar: Reminds me of the general election. I supported Donald Trump, ended up leaving the ballot blank. Encourage people to leave the ballot blank if those are the two choices or write in somebody else.

Tur: Roy Moore or Democrat, Jeff Flake said Democrat. Would you rather have Roy Moore as U.S Senator or Doug Jones as a U.S. Senator?

Aguilar: It’s a very difficult question for a conservative. I go back to my decision —

Tur: Okay. Put it this way. Accused pedophile or Doug Jones?

Aguilar: Wouldn’t have accused pedophile. Difficult decision.

Tur: Why is it so hard to put politics, party, tribalism aside and say the Democrat, I might not agree with Democrat’s views but —

Aguilar: Unfair question.

Tur: Is it? That’s the race.

Aguilar: I think a valid vote is go vote. It’s important go to the polls and leave the ballot blank, you’re sending a message. That’s what I did.

Tur: Or write somebody in I guess.

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