Have You Cut The Satellite Tv Cord? Thanks For Boosting C&L!

Maybe You Have Slice The Cable TV Cord? Thanks For Supporting C&L!

Hulu is $ 7.99. Netflix practically ten bucks. When you yourself have cable whoa nelly you know how much this is certainly. And how a lot do you purchase your phone …so as you are able to play conflict of Clans?

Truth be told, at Crooks and Liars you receive curated movie from cable development with no pre-roll ads. And most crucial, these video clips will not be removed because some right-wing media conglomerate decides you will need to watch Boris Epshteyn “support the president” alternatively.

Really, that which we view and exactly how it reaches you is under attack. We at Crooks and Liars strive each and every day to make sure you get access to liberal content and accurate documentation, an ACCURATE record, of this atrocities against truth happening in so-called Trump White home.

Crooks and Liars features real folks writing here, and real expenses like server room (very expensive!) maintain the video clips coming. And not only brand-new video clips although care and feeding of your movie collection archive, comprising over 30,000 video clips for over 200,000 mins of seeing fun, which do not have pre-roll advertisements. You realize data isn’t no-cost, and it is really worth promoting because hey, C&L keeps it modern.

We need to raise $ 10,000 by the end with this thirty days to help keep those servers given and maintained. You’ll help.

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