‘I Do Not Like Men!’: Homophobic GOP Lawmaker Freaks Out After Colleague Touches His Supply

Perhaps you have moved another person’s supply for their particular interest so you can ask them one thing? Well, be mindful when you do it in Pennsylvania, because State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (whom wants to boast that he had been a Tea Partier before the tea-party existed) just cannot manage it.

After his Democratic counterpart touched their arm during a discussion on land use, Metcalfe interrupted. “Look, i am a heterosexual,” Metcalfe stated. “i’ve a wife, I love my spouse. I don’t like men, while you might. But stop pressing me everyday.”

Bradford is married to a woman. Therefore is-it simply because he’s a Democrat that Metcalfe would think any such thing? I believe he’d a secret tingle that caused him to cry aside with an objection before he could admit he liked it.

Given that individuals within the area tittered with shock, Metcalfe carried on, “It really is like keep your arms to your self. Like, if you wish to touch somebody, you have men and women in your corner regarding the aisle which may want it. I do not.”

Bradford’s response had been very similar as mine.

“we’re formally off the rails,” Bradford stated. “My intention ended up being in order to beg for the permission for around 30 seconds.”

“Then beg, never touch,” Metcalfe shot back.

Metcalfe obviously has some problems with homosexual people. Serious dilemmas. Whenever a gay colleague decided to go to a floor to convey his views regarding Supreme legal’s ruling on DOMA, Metcalfe had him silenced.

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