JUSTICE: Past Cop Discovered Guilty Of second Degree Murder In Shooting Of Unarmed Black Man

JUSTICE: Former Cop Found Guilty Of second Degree Murder In Shooting Of Unarmed Ebony guy

Michael Slager, the former sc police officer, ended up being eventually found guilty of murder in shooting loss of an unarmed black colored guy, Walter Scott.

Slager ended up being an officer because of the North Charleston PD during the time of the shooting. Slager advertised he shot Walter Scott in self defense, but video taken by a witness shown usually, showing Slager shooting Scott when you look at the straight back as he went away after a traffic stop. Slager destroyed his job because of the PD as a consequence of the video clip and shooting.

Slager was charged with murder but pleaded not guilty. The situation finished in a mistrial in 2016. ABC Information reports the state retrial and national test were set to occur this season, but Slager pleaded guilty to violating Scott’s civil-rights in federal court, which finished the national case against him. And also this solved their state charges that have been pending following the mistrial.

Slager have been in prison since May now’s ruling covered up all outstanding costs. He was found accountable of obstructing justice considering their statements to convey authorities after the shooting as well as second degree murder. He had been sentenced to 20 years in jail, a really lengthy phrase for a white police faced with murdering an unarmed black man. Only being found bad is amazing.

Finally, justice.

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