Lewandowski Refuses To Response Alisyn Camerota’s Simple Matter: ‘Why Isn’t Roy Moore A Pig?’

Lewandowski Refuses To Answer Alisyn Camerota's Simple Question: 'Why Isn't Roy Moore A Pig?'

CNN number Alisyn Camerota grilled Trump ally Corey Lewandowski on Monday after he suggested which he thought Democratic Sen. Al Franken’s intimate harassment accusers but discounted the women just who said they had been molested by Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore.

During an interview on CNN’s New Day, Camerota requested the previous Trump promotion manager if president had done the proper thing by endorsing Moore inspite of the intimate misconduct allegations.

Lewandowski assured her that Trump had made suitable decision for Republicans.

“It’s a binary option in Alabama,” he stated. “it is not like there are two conservatives when you look at the competition.”

Camerota replied: “However you do appear to be glossing over some the real history of eight ladies coming forward against Roy Moore, making accusations he — when it comes to two — assaulted all of them. These were teens, one of whom who was simply 14.”

“Yesterday, you labeled as Al Franken a pig,” the CNN host noted. “Is Roy Moore a pig?”

“Look, discover the difference between the two,” Lewandowski opined. “One has an accusation and those accusations should be taken very, really really. And the folks of Alabama should weigh if those accusations tend to be real. And when so, they have to make that decision on ballot box. The difference with Al Franken is, this is not an accusation right here. We pictures. We an admission of shame by Al Franken.”

“we see,” Camerota interrupted. “So, for duty and you also apologize then you definitely’re a pig?”

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