MSNBC Thinks Lying White Supremacist, Fires Sam Seder

I just had written in regards to the method and tactics used by the proper if they attack people. On December 4th MSNBC management caved to a small number of alt-right men and women and twitterbots and fired Sam Seder considering an evident satirical tweet from 2009. Seder could be the host for the progressive podcast Majority Report, and MSNBC factor.

Let me reveal videos from Seder, describing exactly what occurred, who’s behind it and how they plan to respond.

Disclosure: I’m a pal of Seder and also have already been a guest on his tv show.

On Monday’s show Sam educated the audience towards instigator, Mike Cernovich, just how he relentlessly forced the “alt-right”-fueled “Pizzagate” conspiracy, his criminal record, and joked about how to pronounce his name.

Seder revealed the Periscope video of Cernovich congratulating himself and his supporters for duping MSNBC. Seder used the movie as an opportunity for additional mocking and used the assault to bolster their assistance into the modern community and boost funds. This will be an intelligent response.

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