North Korea Really Detests John Bolton

Donald Trump’s plans to quickly negotiate a peace plan with North Korea with denuclearization at the centerpiece has suddenly become to fall apart after Jong-un pulled out of talks with South Korea..

And in no small part, Trump’s newest National Security Advisor John Bolton has not fared well to the North Koreans.

On April 29, on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace asked what denuclearization meant to John Bolton and the Trump administration.

Wallace, “Will President Trump insist that Kim give up, ship out, all of his nuclear weapons, all of his nuclear fuel, all of his ballistic missiles, before the U.S. makes any concessions?”

Bolton replied, “Yes, I think that’s what denuclearization means. We have very much in mind the Libya model from 2003, 2004. There are obviously differences. The Libyan program was much smaller, but that was basically the agreement that we made.”

Yesterday North Korea responded by making overtures that they will pull out of the proposed summit. And John Bolton was at the center of their criticisms.

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