Phil Mudd Rips GOP Intel Committee Report: ‘I Wouldn’t Wipe My Ass With It!’

Phil Mudd Rips GOP Intel Committee Report: 'I Wouldn't Wipe My Ass With It!'

Former deputy director of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center Phil Mudd with the appropriate response to Devin Nunes’ ridiculous farce of a so-called intel report, supposedly “clearing” Trump of collusion with the Russians:

Mudd could not believe the Republicans are saying they don’t accept that Putin was leaning towards Trump.

He wondered “how the heck can they say they got to the bottom of this” when people sat before them and declined to answer questions.

Mudd also noted that they may not have access to all of the information that Mueller does:

“Their responsibility was not to represent party, Democrat or Republican, but to represent people. How do we protect the next election? The last 30 minutes, Wolf––you give me one sentence where somebody spoke about how they’re going to protect us instead of saying this is why the other party did something wrong. If this report were written on toilet paper, I wouldn’t stoop to wipe my ass with it. These people owe us more. They gave us less. That’s what I see, Wolf.”

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