Steve Schmidt: Trump Jr. Conversing With Wikileaks ‘Is Despicable Beyond Words’

Former McCain presidential strategist Steve Schmidt blasted Don Trump Jr. over reports that he had private conversations with Wikileaks during the end of the 2016 presidential campaign.

The Atlantic broke another bombshell report that connects the Trump campaign to trading favors with Wikileaks for political gain.

The MSNBC analyst was livid.

Willie Geist asked, “If a foreign power or someone reported to represent a foreign power or known to be working on behalf of a foreign power in this case Wikileaks, approached you with information, what would you do as the person running the campaign or working on the campaign?

Schmidt, “Call the director of the FBI, full stop, period.”

(Off camera) – “Everybody would.”

Scarborough, “Everybody that’s ever run a campaign would.”

Schmidt recounted some of the disloyal activities Jr. was involved in.

“What every loyal American does, period. This is a hostile foreign power interfering in our elections process. He met deliberately, premeditatively with intelligence operatives of the Russian government — to get information to get dirt on Hillary Clinton.”

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