Will Nixon’s Defense Work for Trump?

Julian Zelizer: “With Nixon, the three-pronged method would not work. In the long run, the revelations became so damning the courtroom of public-opinion switched against him and Congress ready to move forward with impeachment. President Trump may be in a position to accomplish what Nixon neglected to accomplish. He has many benefits that Nixon lacked—from a Congress controlled by fiercely partisan Republicans whose political computations have actually led them to stand by their particular president irrespective of most situations which he does, to a conservative news that perpetually broadcasts their things of view.”

“Those who believe a damaging investigation will inevitably produce bad political outcomes for President Trump should not be deluded. The concerns up for grabs would be: exactly what can Robert Mueller and his staff do to counteract Trump’s counteroffensive? Can they withstand the type of assaults that they will continue steadily to face, that may just be more serious because the president gets to be more scared, and can the last report that their staff produces be so harmful that it can break-through the partisan firewall that includes insulated this president? Will the Republican Congress ever take a far more proactive stance, or might there be a Democratic Congress after 2018 to grab the slack? Can Mueller carve a legal course, accepted by the process of law, that starts the president to criminal prosecution?”

Governmental Wire